Wilen Direct, Leading Direct Mail Powerhouse, Launches Automotive Affiliate Wilen Auto

February 21, 2017
Deerfield Beach, FL – February 21, 2017 – Wilen Direct, a leading direct mail marketing company producing more than one billion pieces per year, has launched Wilen Auto to fill a void in the marketplace and provide automotive manufacturers and dealerships with high-quality, personalized direct mail programs that are proven to drive more traffic and sales than traditional dealer tactics.

Through a combination of creativity, segmentation expertise, advanced manufacturing and on-demand print technology, Wilen Auto helps dealerships and OEMs deliver a superior product, deeper data selection and a more powerful array of direct marketing programs with higher performing formats.

“The automotive industry needs a paradigm shift in how it approaches customer acquisition and retention in terms of direct marketing. Previous options for the automotive industry have been limited. Based on our research and direct marketing knowledge, we saw a real need for our expertise in the industry,” says Bill Sattree, Director of Wilen Auto.

Led by automotive and Madison Avenue marketing veterans with a proven track record of growing global brands like Cadillac, Honda, GM, KIA and Mercedes-Benz, as well as over 40 years of successful experience helping many Fortune 500 companies, Wilen Auto has reinvented automotive direct marketing.

Wilen Auto offers the automotive industry what no other direct mail company can — a specialization in automotive direct marketing, as well as a truly targeted, trackable, high-impact, creative, custom program that is designed to generate floor traffic to a dealer’s showroom. “We have invested tens of millions of dollars in the latest 4-color variable printing technology that completely raises the bar on what a traditional direct mail company can provide,” says Sattree.

The Wilen Auto direct mail program is an ideal solution for any OEM or dealership that wants to reduce its acquisition and retention costs, while accelerating sales by way of a more progressive manufacturing process and strategy that delivers a higher caliber product to the right audience, effectively.

About Wilen Auto

Wilen Auto offers retail automotive dealerships and OEMs a different and better route to direct marketing success through a more comprehensive, high-quality and measurable proven response vehicle. Wilen Auto is an affiliate of Wilen Direct, a fully integrated, cutting-edge, on-demand direct mail manufacturing facility that ranks in the top five nationwide.